A.A. Meetings O=Open; C=Closed; P=Participation; S=Speaker; D=Discussion; BBS=Big Book Study;
BS=Book Study-Other; SS=Step Study; SP=Spanish Speaking;
M=Men; W=Women; GL=Gay/Lesbian; A=Adults; YP=Young People;
NN=No Nicotine; SM=Smoking; Meetings are Non-Smoking unless designated SM.
Paulden Monday Tuesday Empty Thursday Empty Empty Sunday
Tues 7:00 pm STEP BY STEP (O, 12+12) Paulden Alano Club, 6675 N. Hwy 89, Paulden, AZ 86323-9154; East side of US89, north of Mile Marker 334, south of Buffalo Rd.
(Meeting schedule page updated 22-Jul-17)